• Mobile sound insulation – good for people and the environment
  • Measurably reduce noise pollution
  • Mobile sound insulation – good for people and the environment
  • Measurably reduce noise pollution
  • Mobile sound insulation – good for people and the environment
  • Measurably reduce noise pollution
  • Mobile sound insulation – good for people and the environment
  • Measurably reduce noise pollution

Measurably reduce noise pollution

The patented mobile sound insulation solutions by HPZ

Mobility and volume on traffic routes will continue to rise in the long term. As a result, attention will increasingly be paid to the associated noise pollution – also in maintaining the traffic routes. After all, constant noise is not only damaging to hearing. It also has implications for the cardio-vascular system, sleeping behaviour and general wellbeing and therefore has a considerable impact on quality of life.
HPZ offers patented mobile systems for effective sound insulation, for example at track construction sites outside the hazard zone.

The extensive system HPZ I and the practical system II (2.1 and 2.2) for integration into the fixed barrier. In addition, the new sound insulation mats HPZ III for integration within standard construction fences.

  • Sound insulation system HPZ I

    Extensive sound insulation system for protecting the environment

    The extensive mobile sound insulation system by HPZ provides effective protection against noise pollution for people and the environment. What is unique about this system is the proven reduction of noise emissions by up to 40 dB with assembly heights of up to 7 metres.

    Specially developed noise protection mats consist of a complex fibre structure that is inflated to achieve the necessary rigidity. The frame is made from light, high-tensile aluminium profiles with a statics certificate from our partner, UPZ Sitech GmbH, for maximum flexibility.

    Assembly heights thanks to the modular design

    › 3.5 metres › 4.4 metres › 7.0 metres

    Releasing the air reduces the noise protection mats to compact packing dimensions, which considerably simplifies their transport and handling. This way, even difficult-to-access assembly locations can be reached. Moreover, corners with an angle of 90° as well as thoroughfares for transport routes and residents can easily be implemented.

    The system can be set up on all ground types thanks to the following installation options:
    › Ground anchor for unsecured ground surfaces
    › Bolted anchor for secured ground surfaces such as concrete

    Verified system

    The modules of the mobile “System 1” sound insulation mat HPZ have been tested by ift Rosenheim for the “airborne sound insulation of construction components”.
    Noise emissions are reduced by up to 30 dB.
    ift Rosenheim test report from 2 May 2016 as a PDF

    EN ISO 10140-1 : 2010 + A1 : 2012 - A2 : 2014,
    EN ISO 10140-2 : 2014,
    EN ISO 717-1 : 2013 and DIN EN 1793-1 : 2013-4

  • Sound insulation system HPZ II (2.1 + 2.2)

    Mobile sound insulation on tracks outside the hazard zone

    In order to further reduce the noise of railway traffic at track construction sites (e.g. during tamping work), HPZ has developed the smaller mobile sound insulation systems HPZ II for use outside the hazard zone. The sound insulation elements are very easy to handle with dimensions of around 3 x 1 m (HPZ II 2.1) or 3 x 2 m (HPZ II 2.2). They consist of a special plastic-coated fabric and can be integrated into the fixed barrier. Combined with ground connection insulation, noise emissions can be reduced by up to 32 dB.

    Approval for use at track construction sites was issued by DB Netz AG in November 2015 and expanded to the HPZ II 2.2 system in 2019 for an unlimited period.
    View or download the technical railway approval as a PDF

    For use with the fixed barriers of UPZ III by UPZ Sitech GmbH, the mobile sound insulation systems HPZ II 2.1 and 2.2 meet the requirements of the rules of DB systems technology for use on DB AG routes up to 160 km/h.

    Certificate number 19-56950-34, place of issue and date: Munich, 20.05.2019
    View or download DB systems technology certificate as a PDF

    The benefits of HPZ sound insulation elements:
    › Quick and easy assembly › Great flexibility › Low maintenance and weather resistant

    The modules of the mobile “System 2” and “System 3” sound insulation mats have been tested by Müller-BBM in Munich for the “airborne sound insulation of construction components”.
    Noise emissions are reduced by up to 32 dB
    Tests were conducted including according to DIN EN ISO 10140-2 and DIN EN 16272-2/16272-3-1 specially for railway applications
    View or download the test report dated 30 July 2015 as a PDF

  • Sound insulation system HPZ III

    Sound insulation mat for integration into a standard construction fence

    Spanning 1.35 x 2 m, the sound insulation mat only weighs 7 kg and can be folded to a convenient size for transport. Up to 10 mats can be easily and safely stored and transported with our stackable transport box. The mat is fastened to the construction fence using highly flexible 3-grommet fixtures. We offer the products individually or as a practical set (1 transport box, 10 mats and 60 3-grommet fixtures). The sound insulation produced by the mat has been demonstrated up to 22 dB(A).

    Properties | Advantages

    • Reduction of noise emissions by up to 22 dB(A)
      Certified by Müller-BBM in Munich
    • Installed on standard construction fences
    • Compact dimensions: width 1.35 m, height 2 m
    • Can be folded to a practical size
    • Quick assembly
    • Light weight: 7 kg
    • High stability
    • Low maintenance due to weather resistance
    • Great flexibility
    • Set with transport box


    Certified for the “airborne sound insulation of construction components” by Müller-BBM in Munich in October 2019 according to DIN EN ISO 10140-2


    • Weather-resistant sound insulation mat made from plastic
    • High-quality 3-grommet fixtures

    Also available as a set:

    • 10 sound insulation mats, each measuring 1.35 x 2 m
    • 60 3-grommet fixtures
    • Stackable transport box

    Technical details

    • Sound insulation mat, 1.35 x 2 m, weight 7 kg
    • Stackable transport box, (W x D x H) 1.2 x 1 x 1.2 m, net weight 53 kg

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