• Mobile sound insulation – good for people and the environment

Measurably reduce noise pollution

The patented mobile sound insulation solutions by HPZ

Mobility and volume on traffic routes will continue to rise in the long term. As a result, attention will increasingly be paid to the associated noise pollution – also in maintaining the traffic routes. After all, constant noise is not only damaging to hearing. It also has implications for the cardio-vascular system, sleeping behaviour and general wellbeing and therefore has a considerable impact on quality of life.
HPZ offers patented mobile systems for effective sound insulation, for example at track construction sites outside the hazard zone.

The extensive system HPZ I and the practical system II (2.1 and 2.2) for integration into the fixed barrier. In addition, the new sound insulation mats HPZ III for integration within standard construction fences.

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More safety on the track

Safety technology by HPZ for track construction sites

When working on railway tracks, personnel have to be protected from the dangers of railway operations. The best measure is, of course, to close the track. However, since a track closure is not always possible, HPZ GmbH offers a solution – e.g. with the fixed barrier UPZ III EN – which separates the workers from railway operations and thereby offers the highest degree of safety and protection. Moreover, HPZ GmbH allows you to benefit from technical aids to support crossing points, electrical signallers, the signalling of speed restrictions and much more. HPZ GmbH thus delivers the highest safety standards for protecting track construction sites.

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